ABC Embriodery Design, established and incorporated in 1991 as family owned business. Since then we have been in same business of providing embroidery (Lee Embroidery) and garment printing (FABRICA Printing) services to the exporters and local manufacturers.
In today’s competitive and fast moving business environment, product quality and organizational attitudes are what make ABC Embriodery Design standout. ABC Embriodery Design has been producing high quality products. Over passage of years, we have built a reputation matched by few others in the industry. Our excellence is recognized by our customers. We are always trying to work harder and better for our clients.


Excellent customer service is important. When you contact us you will deal with a skilled member of our team which will lead through process of quoting to delivery. We fully understand that customized printing and embroidery are sometimes quite complex. However our brings year of experience to the job and are happy to help you, even after office hours.


ABC Embroidery Design lays special emphasis on quality and believes in supplying products and services with highest level of quality to its valued clients.
ABC Embroidery Design believes in continuous improvement of quality assurance system and continues to strive towards the goal of making ABC Embroidery Design a house of excellence.


We specialize in 3D embroidery, appliqué work, towels, and bathrobes, denim, knitted and woven fabrics and leather etc. ABC Embroidery Design has its own computerized punching system, laser cutting, and embroidery facilities which are well equipped with the latest and modern machines.


ABC Embroidery Design have the facility of the latest computerized punching systems .These punching systems are equipped with the specialty of scan and digitize.


  • ABC Embroidery Design lays emphasis to produce the goods with the highest level of quality.
  • ABC Embroidery Design has an independent checking department, helping improve quality.
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